In 1982, our vision began for a better, less complicated legal system.


Our Mission

To resolve your litigation, lawsuits, and legal cases with expert mediators, arbitrators and negotiators who can settle your dispute.


The Settle the Dispute Group is the leading litigation firm with experts of the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) profession. As expert attorneys, judges, and lawyers in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, the Settle the Dispute Group now serves several cities across the world.  

In fact, Settle the Dispute Group, invented the "online mediation" process which allows parties to engage in online mediation and arbitration of complex disputes.  That means if you live outside of Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia, we're still able to help you resolve your legal, civil and commercial disputes. 

Our broader philosophy is to reform the legal system by training attorneys around the world to negotiate a settlement before dragging cases into muddy court systems.  


ADR: Mediation and Arbitration Firm

ADR: Mediation and Arbitration Firm


We are the undisputed champions of Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR"):

100% of our Arbitrations are decided within 48 hours.

94.4% of our Mediations are resolved within 48 hours. 

Our $6.8 Million dollar dispute was resolved in 48 hours with trained specialists with Settle the Dispute Group.”
— John R. (Attorney)

What Our ADR Experts have Achieved:

  • Served as official mediation team for complex family law matters - divorces and trust disputes.

  • Created a multi-level task force to engage Union Leaders for Fortune 500 companies in labor disputes.

  • Intervened with mediation to resolve litigation within a class-action lawsuit.

  • Negotiated multi-million dollar business dispute that saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

  • Travelled to many countries to resolve international arbitration disputes within one weekend.

  • Developed internal training processes for dispute resolution at Fortune 500 companies.

  • Arbitrated advanced litigation disputes for medium and large companies.

  • Built courses to help others better understand arbitration, mediation and the art of negotiation.