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 Alternative Dispute Resolution in Boston

Settle the Dispute Group's Boston mediation and arbitration firm is dedicated to the practice of alternative dispute resolution, better known as "ADR."  ADR provides litigants, plaintiffs and defendants, the opportunity to settle cases amicably by way of dispute resolution.  Dispute resolution is the act of solving complex matters such as civil, commercial and divorce issues using a third-party neutral evaluator.  This third party evaluator (neutral) specializes in helping you resolve your cases within the Boston area.  

Mediation Services in Boston

The mediation services we offer in Boston, MA, are New England's finest.  Settle the Dispute Group is consistently ranked first for mediation services including negotiations and arbitrations.  If you're searching for mediation services in Boston, you've found Settle the Dispute Group.  

Boston, MA - ADR - Mediation and Arbitration Law Firm

Boston, MA - ADR - Mediation and Arbitration Law Firm

Collaborative Divorce in Boston

One of Settle the Dispute Group's niche specialities is "collaborative divorce."  Our Boston-based collaborative divorce practice helps families through divorce mediation - with complex matters such as finances, alimony, wealth management, alimony and child custody.  You should never bring your divorce to trial.  Doing so can cause tremendous pain on your children and life-long stress for your family.  

Family Mediation in Boston MA - Boston's leading mediators and arbitrators to help settle lawsuits, civil litigation, and family matters including divorce, wills, trusts and estates. #BostonMA #Mediation #Arbitration

Settle the Dispute Group also work with many ultra-high net worth families and wealthy individuals to help resolve complicated matters such as divorces, trusts, wills and estates.  We have helped many wealthy families resolve trust (revocable and irrevocable) disputes as well as probate disputes for million-dollar and billion-dollar families.  



Top Firm For Mediation and Arbitration Launches Services in the Boston Area

Settle the Dispute Group Excited to Offer Alternative Dispute Resolution and Other Services to Boston Area Residents


Released in 2015 - Settle the Dispute Group, one of the leading mediation and arbitration firms operating in the United States today, is pleased to announce that it will be bringing its ADR (alternative dispute resolution) services to residents in and around the Boston, Massachusetts area. Thanks to Settle the Dispute Group, mediation in Boston MA is now more readily available to a wider range of clients.


Settle the Dispute Group specializes in alternative dispute resolution, which is founded on the idea that certain legal situations can be amicably and fairly resolved without taking the time, money and effort to go through the court system. The ADR experts at Settle the Dispute Group specialize in all types of legal matters, including but not limited to things like civil litigation, divorce proceedings, family matters, complex transactions and more. The Group employs former FBI negotiators and other law enforcement professionals who know how to negotiate and mediate major disputes, but who also have the skills and reputation to act as a trusted third party opinion where one is necessary.


One of the major benefits that Settle the Dispute Group brings to the table for clients is speed. 100% of all arbitrations are decided within 48 hours. A full 94% of all mediations are completely resolved within the same period of time. Whether clients are in need of Boston divorce mediation, general Boston mediation or are looking for Boston arbitrators for help with a particular legal situation, the highly trained and passionate team at Settle the Dispute Group are here for them.


"We've been consistently ranked as one of the top Boston mediation firms for a simple reason: we're willing to pull out all the stops and do whatever it takes to get clients the results that they're looking for" said Judge Hightower, who acts as the head of the mediation and arbitration offerings for Settle the Dispute Group. "Not only do we resolve all disputes within 30 days, but we can also fly anywhere in the world. Our international arbitration and mediation team is ranked number one!"


Settle the Dispute Group is more than capable of working in all of the local and federal courts in and around the Boston area. This includes not only locations like the Suffolk County Superior Court and the Supreme Judicial Court, but also the Norfolk Superior Court, the Middlesex Superior Court, the Roxbury District Court and more.


"Our goal isn't just to get our clients the results that they want, but that they deserve. We don't drag cases on. We get cases settled - that's a guarantee" said Judge Hightower.


Settle the Dispute Group was originally founded in 1982 and at the time operated exclusively in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC areas. Thanks to technology and its ever expanding goal to bring its top quality services to the widest range of people possible, Settle the Dispute Group now services cities all over the world.


To find out more information about the alternative dispute resolution services that are launching in the Boston area, or to learn more about the wide range of legal services that Settle the Dispute Group is capable of bringing to the table regardless of where you happen to live, please visit the Group's official website today at Both prospective and current clients can also phone Settle the Dispute Group directly at (833) 738-8538.




Settle the Dispute group's Boston Mediation and Arbitration firm dutifully offers both companies and individuals in and around Boston the ability to negotiate, settle and amicably resolve legal matters including both commercial and civil litigation. Find out how to find Boston divorce mediation and other services today.


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