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If you're searching for Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR" Service) in the Chicago, Illinois region, Settle the Dispute Group's Chicago mediators and arbitrators can help resolve civil lawsuits, commercial litigation, and family matters such as divorces, trusts, and estates conflicts.  

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One of Settle the Dispute Group's primary focuses in Chicago is our international commercial arbitration group.  Our ADR firm works with many Chicago companies to provide commercial arbitration services for their companies.  Our international firm is dedicated to resolving disputes that Chicagoans would never thing were possible to settle.  If you're engaged in an international commercial arbitration that is covered under the AAA (American Arbitration Association) or the International Court of Arbitration, get in touch with our ADR team today.

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The goal of the "agreement to arbitrate" is to create a simple term within a contract to provide for arbitration in the event of a dispute related to goods, products, or services rendered.  Settle the Dispute Group will help you create the agreement to arbitrate.  With our expert mediators and arbitrators - many of whom are judges and attorneys - you have the right team to get the deal done.  

Chicago's Best Mediation & Arbitration (ADR) Law Firm

Chicago's Best Mediation & Arbitration (ADR) Law Firm

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Chicago's top mediation services and "award-winning best of ADR in Chicago" law firm can help companies get to a commercial resolution of conflicts.  Find out how by completing our contact form below.


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