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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Dallas, TX

Settle the Dispute Group is Dallas' leading, #1 top-ranked ADR (mediation and arbitration) law firm in the Dallas region - our mediation and arbitration group continues to settle cases - civil, commercial, and family matters- while becoming the thought-leaders in the area of alternative dispute resolution.  Many of our clients in Dallas refer others to our mediation and arbitration counsel because we often can settle cases within 30 days of the litigants reaching our ADR group.  

Dallas Texas’ Best Mediation and Arbitration ADR - Law Firm

Dallas Texas’ Best Mediation and Arbitration ADR - Law Firm


Mediation for Divorce in Dallas, TX

If you're trying to file for divorce and need mediation for divorce, our Dallas, Texas group specializes in helping spouses reach an amicable, peaceful divorce settlement.  Settle the Dispute Group divorce mediators help craft some of the most complex divorce agreements that involve child custody, financial agreements, alimony, spousal support, and real estate disbursements.  You need a third-party neutral evaluator (judges) to help you get through the most difficult time in your life.  Mediations and divorce don't have to be as complicated as most law firms make them out to be; our family law mediators are here to help you through each part of your divorce.  

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Alongside our ADR practice, Settle the Dispute Group also has some of the most innovate conflict resolution strategies to help prevent lawsuits.  Our mediators and arbitrators also advise Texas companies on how to protect themselves from litigation.  

The Top Law Firm in Texas for Mediation & Arbitration

Settle the Dispute Group is consistently rated #1 top-firm for mediation and arbitration services.  We look forward to helping clients - both commercial and individuals - settle the most difficult cases - with the state of Texas.  Our renowned ADR group is driven by a mission to resolve disputes and lawsuits so that everyone can go about their lives in the most positive way.  

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