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What is a Mediator?

A mediator is a certified specialist in Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") who provides all parties engaged in a lawsuit or conflict, the opportunity to discuss meaningful differences, and resolve disputes through a reasonable settlement agreement.  

Mediation in Houston TX for Oil, Energy and Gas Law

Settle the Dispute Group has the only trained, ADR Houston, Texas mediators and expert arbitrators to resolve complicated oil, energy and gas law matters involving oil wells, land & royalty rights, natural mineral rights, oil and gas leases, the EPA and drilling regulations. Our mediation and arbitration firm continues to help oil companies and litigants with complex litigation and civil lawsuits from West Texas to Southern Texas, including off-shore properties and ocean oil rigs.  

Mediation Attorneys in Houston TX

Houston, Texas’ Best Mediation & Arbitration ADR Law in Houston

Houston, Texas’ Best Mediation & Arbitration ADR Law in Houston

Our speciality in the Houston, Texas area is mediation attorneys particularly for oil, gas, and natural gas law.  Our mediators and arbitrators can help oil MLPs (master limited partnerships), Fortune 500 companies, and big Oil, mediate disputes involving any and all matters for oil drilling, excavation, and property rights.  Settle the Dispute Group has the top-ranked, leading mediation and arbitration attorneys in the Houston TX region.  

Family and civil Matters

We also have a considerable and experienced practice of attorneys who can help with non-Oil related matters - including complex litigation disputes and legal agreements.  This component of our law firm's practice consists of nearly 30% of our legal operations.

Arbitration Attorneys for Oil & Gas

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Lightning fast Alternative Dispute Resolution delivered by Settle the Group in Houston


Everything in Texas is big, including Settle the Dispute Group’s arbitration and arbitrator services in Houston. Comprised of a team of expert alternative dispute resolution (ADR) judges, Houston attorney mediators, arbitrators and negotiators, Settle the Dispute Group helps solve major disputes and lawsuits in just 48 hours. Plus, this law group utilizes former FBI negotiators and law enforcement to negotiate and mediate disputes. Both plaintiffs and defendants can skip the hassle and headaches of local Houston courts, including the Texas Southern District Court and the Harris County District Court.

As a pioneer in online mediation and arbitration, Settle the Dispute Group is able to help clients resolve legal, civil and commercial disputes all across America. And their ADR experts have achieved a lot. Experience includes serving as an official mediation team for family law matters like divorce and trust disputes, resolving litigation in class-action lawsuits, solving labor disputes for Fortune 500 companies, negotiating multi-million dollar business disputes and resolving international arbitration disputes – all within one weekend.

With Settle the Dispute Group, the process to resolution is streamlined. Clients meet with opposing counsel through a quick 15-minute teleconference to determine availability for all parties to meet in person or online. Within 48 hours, an agreement will be reached, and parties draft the settlement agreement. According to Judge Hightower of the Settle the Dispute Group, “We’ve been ranked one of the top Houston law firms for mediation and arbitration because we’re consistently settling disputes quickly.” The stats are in on Settle the Dispute Group – 100 percent of arbitrations are settled in 48 hours, and 94 percent of mediations are settled within 48 hours. These types of results attribute to why Settle the Dispute Group is one of the top law firms in Houston. Plus, the team can fly anywhere in the world.

When does the ADR process take place? It all takes place during the weekend. Eliminate the time-consuming process of court and its associated high costs on the weekend. The first day is set aside to identify the facts and discuss the disputes. The second day is geared up for conflict resolution. Why the 48-hour weekend? Plaintiffs and defendants are three times more likely to reach an agreed settlement under the pressure of 48 hours. Mediators and arbitrators have more time available on weekends. Lastly, the relaxing atmosphere of the weekend creates a more conducive environment to settle disputes.

Why choose Settle the Dispute Group? Experience, expedience, convenience, cost savings and a track record of successful results are all reasons to choose Settle the Dispute Group to resolve your legal conflict. Settle the Dispute Group has developed an innovative and cost-effective way to resolve even the most complex legal disputes. Clients get only the best mediators, neutral judges and third parties to attain a fair resolution for all parties. With Settle the Dispute Group, you can take care of business fast.

About Settle the Dispute Group - Settle the Dispute Group's Houston's best mediation & arbitration firm, provides companies and individuals in and outside of the Houston the opportunity to settle and resolve lawsuits, disputes and legal matters including commercial and civil lawsuits. Learn how to find a mediator today. To submit your mediation or arbitration case online for a review, go to http://settlethedispute.com/submit-your-case. If you’re in Texas, it’s one of the top Houston law firms.