How Much Does a Divorce Mediation Cost?

Everything you need to know about Divorce lawsuits & mediation costs, pricing and billing rates for attorneys/lawyers


Divorce mediation average costs vs.  litigation

$12,300  vs. $26,500

Divorce mediation median costs vs. litigation

$10,750  vs.  $22,180


There's no need to sugar-coat a divorce. No matter how well the proceedings go, emotional wars are at play, and for many divorced couples, there are many financial assets up for grabs. And don't forget the added cost of any court hearings. Fortunately, there is a simpler way to carry out a divorce, and although it doesn't work well for every case, it does have a highly effective success rate.

The Costs of Divorce - Explained - Mediation Costs

The Costs of Divorce - Explained - Mediation Costs

All about Divorce Mediation Costs:

Mediations usually augment minimal expenses related to the involved processes, and divorce mediators can keep cases from going in front of a judge, which means they are kept confidential. This means all information related to your divorce that is used to determine a final outcome by the mediator will not be shared with any other entities. Here's a look at three important factors you need to know about mediation and why those going through a divorce should hire a divorce mediator.

1) be prepared for your divorce mediation.

When it comes to any type of court proceeding, the faster the case can be resolved, the less expensive it will be to all parties involved. This is why it's imperative to be fully prepared before going the first mediation meeting. To verify the necessary information and documents that need to be brought to the first visit, parties will want to contact the mediator. It is important for a spouse to encourage the other spouse that the sooner a compromise can be attained, the more efficient the divorce mediation dispute negotiation will be. A mediator can explain the available options to both parties. These options can then be discussed and ranked in preferred order by each spouse. Both spouses should be aware that child custody is often the first part of the mediation process. Once custody arrangements have been decided upon, which usually also incorporates child support and alimony payments, other financial assets will be distributed to the appropriate spouses. It is important that both spouses be prepared to show proof of purchases for assets purchased as well as be willing to make statements about the assets and provide records of how they were paid for.


2) divorce Mediation Requires a collaborative Team Effort.

Mediation is not for spouses who aren't willing to approach the divorce process as a team effort. This doesn't mean that both parties have to agree on everything, but they should approach the process using team practices. For those who know the process can't be resolved as a team endeavor, it will likely be best to have the divorce go through the courts. The entire purpose of divorce mediations is to carry out a calm and civil divorce without pitting the parties against one another; this leads to resentment and a slew of other negative emotions that can have a lasting impact on both spouses and any children involved as well as other people. Mediations focus on the family, while accepting the fact that the marriage is going to be absolved. 


3) Both Parties Should Study the Concepts of Mediation.

The better both parties understand the concept of mediation, the more likely they are to use this method for settling their divorce. Once a clear picture of the involved processes is understood, it allows both parties to see the many benefits of keeping their divorce case out of court, such as found in the case study of a Settle the Dispute group, divorce mediation client, who came home one day to find his wife wanting a divorce after 15 years of marriage. Although he was devastated, the mediation provided an efficient and civil divorce. Mediation specialists understand that the legal aspects of a divorce are not the only important factors. Emotional factors come into play too, especially for couples who have been together for a long time and/or have children. Mediators focus on listening to both parties, carefully assessing what they hear to determine the emotional expansiveness of the divorce and how it's going to affect them. In doing this, they are often able to develop custom divorce agreements that uphold the law and meet the preferences of both parties. This doesn't mean that both parties will get everything they ask for, but they will likely be able to agree on a solution that is a better fit than outcomes involved in divorce litigations.


Mediation provides an efficient and effective solution to divorce agreements. Many divorcing spouses have found this form of divorce to be extremely convenient for settling cases without going through the courts. Another case in which you can clearly see the many benefits of mediation is Tiger Woods' divorce with Elin Nordegren.  Their divorce mediation case was resolved within eight months, making it far less costly than other divorce methods, and most importantly, all dealings were kept private and confidential.

If you would like to settle your divorce through mediation, get in touch with Settle the Dispute Group, who has expert divorce mediators to guide you through the costs, process, and strategies to reaching an amicable divorce settlement agreement.

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