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Mediation and arbitration attorneys in los angeles:

Settle the Dispute Group's ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) in the Los Angeles region provides litigants the opportunity to settle disputes using conflict resolution such as mediation, arbitration and business negotiations.  Our team prides itself on creating amicable settlement agreements with the latest training in ADR and the conflict resolution process.

Attorneys in Los Angeles, California for Mediation, Arbitration & ADR

Attorneys in Los Angeles, California for Mediation, Arbitration & ADR


Our real estate arbitration experts provide litigation alternatives to traditional Los Angeles real estate arbitration matters such as contracts, buyer/seller disputes, escrow issues, zoning and property rights, seller contracts, and mortgage arbitration rights.  


http://settlethedispute.com/locations - Los Angeles, CA top ranked, best in class mediators and arbitrators helping litigants resolve commercial disputes, civil lawsuits, and divorces, trusts/wills and estate issues across the Los Angeles area. http://settlethedispute.com/about-mediation-and-arbitration/ #LosAngeles CA mediation and arbitration law firm and ADR services.

Settle the Dispute Group is the #1 top-ranked mediation firm in Los Angeles for the 5th year in a row.  Settle the Dispute Group's Los Angeles mediators are experts in helping you settle important litigation including commercial contracts, family matters such as divorce, trusts and estates for wealthy/high-net worth individuals, and civil lawsuits ranging from construction law, admiralty law and media and entertainment law mediation.  

Child custody & Divorce mediation in los angeles:

One of the biggest issues in Divorce mediation is child custody.  If you're going through a divorce mediation or looking to get help with child custody issues and rights, our Los Angeles practice group can help you form a settlement agreement for child custody and custodial rights.  


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Expedient Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Comes to Los Angeles, California

Avoid the time consuming, costly and adversarial nature of litigation in Los Angeles local courts like the Superior Los Angeles Court and the Municipal Civil Court with the mediation and arbitration services offered at Settle the Dispute Group. Settle the Dispute Group takes Los Angeles mediation and Los Angeles arbitration to a whole new level with its innovative methods.

Settle civil and commercial disputes on the weekends and in just 48 hours. The team of experts at Settle the Dispute Group recognize that parties are more likely to come to a resolution under the pressure of a designated time limit, mediators and arbitrators have more time on the weekends and everyone is just more relaxed on the weekends. Taking advantage of these factors is just part of their formula of success for Los Angeles divorce mediation and Los Angeles mediation of other types of lawsuits and legal disputes.

The other part of the equation for the success in Los Angeles arbitration by Settle the Dispute Group is its expert team. The team at Settle the Dispute Group is made up of seasoned judges, attorneys, mediators, arbitrators, former FBI negotiators and law enforcement. It’s a team of professionals that lead parties to an agreed settlement. Settle the Dispute Group also has the evidence to back up the positive results of their revolutionary method - 100 percent of arbitrations are settled in 48 hours, and 94 percent of mediations are settled within 48 hours. Judge Hightower of the Settle the Dispute Group states, “Our high resolution success rate is one of the reasons why we are consistently ranked as one of the top law firms in Los Angeles.”

And the team at Settle the Dispute Group come with a long list of successes for mediation of lawsuit in Los Angeles and other U.S. cities. This law group has successfully resolved all types of disputes, including employment, maritime, energy, construction, family, insurance, security, real estate and intellectual property. They have even developed internal training processes for dispute resolution at Fortune 500 companies and designed courses to help others better understand the art of negotiation.

All around, Settle the Dispute Group is on a mission for a better legal system. Its focus is to help clients resolve legal dispute within a weekend, so they can live life without lawsuits. Its mission and methods are unique to the legal arena. Arbitration and mediation of lawsuit Los Angeles is finally more successful and streamlined.

Those located in remote places can opt for online Los Angeles mediation or opt for an in-person alternative dispute resolution meeting during a weekend. Speak with opposing counsel over the phone to arrange a weekend when all parties are available. The first day of the team meeting focuses on identifying the quarrels and disputes. On the second day, the team rolls up its sleeves and gets everyone to work on conflict resolutions. Parties have 48 hours to reach an agreed settlement. And it will be drafted and signed by the end of the weekend.

Settle the Dispute Group - Settle the Dispute Group's Los Angeles Mediation and Arbitration firm provides companies and individuals in and outside of the LA area the opportunity to settle and resolve lawsuits, disputes and legal matters including commercial and civil lawsuits. Learn how to find a Los Angeles mediator today. Visit http://settlethedispute.com/submit-your-case to learn more or to submit your case online for a review. If you’re in the City of the Angels, it’s one of the top law firms in Los Angeles.