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If you're searching for a law firm in Miami, Florida that specializes in mediation, arbitration, and ways to settle your lawsuit, the following will provide a complete overview to help you get started.   

Miami Florida's "Top-Ranked" Law Firm for Mediation & Arbitration - ADR in Miami

Miami Florida's "Top-Ranked" Law Firm for Mediation & Arbitration - ADR in Miami

Mediation Services in Miami

Settle the Dispute Group offers mediation services to help both plaintiffs and defendants settle and resolve disputes - and to prevent lawsuits from being filed in the Miami court system.  Miami is known for tough judges - both in criminal and civil courts - and our mediation experts highly recommend that you settle your case before going in front of a judge.  

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution, or "ADR", is a process in which all litigating parties decide to pursue an alternate means of settling a legal case.  ADR in Miami has been particularly successful because of judges and court systems that prefer litigants settle cases.  

Dispute Resolution Services 

Our dispute resolution services in Miami are successful because we believe in peaceful, amicable resolutions of lawsuits - and our counsel and expert mediators and arbitrators understand how to get you to settlement.  


Mediation for Divorce in Miami

If you're in the Miami, Florida area and you seek mediation for divorce, Settle the Dispute Group can also help you resolve family law matter such as divorces.  We have expert divorce mediators who can work with the husband and wife to resolve issues such as child custody, alimony, and financial affairs.  



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