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The Litigation Process

Litigation by its nature is expensive.  In fact, the average court case in New York City costs nearly $44,882 for full litigation.  The litigation process is defined by having two parties who disagree on issues and then filing a lawsuit.  However, New York City is seeing more sensible resolutions of civil, commercial, and family matters, by way of mediation and arbitration.  Mediation and arbitration are two ways in which you can take a deeply entrenched, complicated and complex lawsuit - bring two parties together - and find peaceful common ground to settle.  At Settle the Dispute Group in New York City, our goal is to help you reach a settlement, provide common ground, and provide you in-depth assistance to mediate or arbitrate your conflicts.  

Mediation Dispute Resolution in New York City

Mediation Dispute Resolution, also referred to as "Alternative Dispute Resolution" or ADR, is a way to resolve a lawsuit without clogging the court systems.  ADR is handled by some of New York City's expert mediators and arbitrators - many of whom are former judges and counsel to large Fortune 500 companies.  Our mediation and dispute resolution process offers New York City residents and businesses the opportunity to settle cases before going to trial.  

New York City's Best Law Firm for Mediation and Arbitration:

New York City's Best Law Firm for Mediation and Arbitration:

The Mediation Process in NYC

We provide all parties in a lawsuit the chance to meet with a third-party neutral (trained in ADR).  The first step is determining who is involved in the case, what are the stakes (financial and emotional), where the dispute is taking place, when the incident or matters took place, why the plaintiff and defendant have been unable to resolve the conflicts, and how we can help you resolve the case with our New York City mediation experts.  

Conflict Resolution Skills

Settle the Dispute Group also encourages upcoming attorneys and counsel who want to work for our NYC mediation and arbitration office to also take our monthly course.  This conflict resolution skills course can provide you with a better foundation for resolving disputes.  

Mediation vs. Arbitration in New York city

To better understand the differences between mediation vs. arbitration, we've put together a helpful list.  If you're in the NYC area and want to see if your case qualifies for either mediation or arbitration, get in touch and we'll help guide you.  

Top Law Firm in New York City for Mediation & Arbitration

Settle the Dispute Group continues to be awarded the top-ranked, leading ADR (Mediation and Arbitration) law firm in the New York City for years.   We bring together the top NYC mediators and arbitrators to help resolve some of the most expensive lawsuits and commercial disputes in the history of New York City.  And our group has also resolve some of the most complex divorce mediation matters, trusts, wills and estate disputes in Manhattan, and all of the major boroughs.  



New York City Mediation and Arbitration Firm

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Settle the Dispute Group Brings Top Notch Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services to New York City

Settle the Dispute Group is New York City's Top Law Firm for Mediation and Arbitration


NYC Top Firm Release - Settle the Dispute Group, home to the top mediators in New York City, is pleased to bring its high quality Alternative Dispute Resolution offerings to people living in and around the New York City area. Unlike many law firms, Settle the Dispute Group is comprised entirely of judges, attorneys and other litigators who are both professionals in conflict resolution and who want to reach an amicable conclusion in both civil and commercial litigation before lengthy and expensive law suits drag things out any further.


Alternative dispute resolution operates on the idea that disputes can be properly resolved to the benefit of all parties without going to a trial, as is what would happen in a more "traditional" situation. Trials can be incredibly time consuming and expensive and many different variables can delay the proceedings, sway the outcome and more. Alternative dispute resolution, on the other hand, uses the experience of impartial third parties to prevent a trial and arrive at the fairest possible outcome as soon as possible. Neutral evaluation and collaborative law are important facets of how ADR operates.


"We're consistently ranked as one of the top mediators in New York City because we're willing to do what other firms won't for our clients" said Judge Hightower, the individual in charge of the mediation and arbitration group. "First, we resolve all disputes within 30 days. Many of them are resolved within 48 hours or less. Secondly, we'll fly anywhere in the world. Our international arbitration and media team is also unparalleled in what they can offer."


Another one of the factors that makes Settle the Dispute Group so unique is that they employ former negotiators from the FBI, as well as law enforcement negotiation professionals, who know exactly how to negotiate and mediate major disputes across a host of different categories.


Settle the Dispute Group is experienced in all of the court systems in and around the New York City area. Locations where mediators and arbitrators have worked include but are not limited to the Civil Court of the City of New York, the Unified Court System of New York, the New York City Supreme Court, Staten Island Family Court, Kings County Supreme Court, Surrogate's Court of New York and more. The firm's mediators and arbitrators work in many of these locations on a regular basis.


"Nobody is saying that a trial should be avoided 100% of the time" said Judge Hightower. "There are definitely certain situations, though, where a trial will only delay the logical and fair outcome of civil or commercial litigation. It would only cost both parties precious time and money, which is something that alternative dispute resolution is so successful at avoiding."


Founded in 1982, Settle the Dispute Group specializes in New York City divorce mediation (among other types of mediation), arbitration and negotiation for clients from all walks of life who may be involved in a dispute, a lawsuit or some other type of litigation.


To find out more information about mediation in New York City, or to learn more about the alternative dispute resolution services that Settle the Dispute Group can bring to both civil and commercial litigation, please visit the Group's official website at today. Individuals looking for more specific questions about the legal matters that they are involved in are also encouraged to contact the Group directly at (833) 738-8538 for more information.




Settle the Dispute Group, the leading firm in New York City for mediation and ADR, offers both companies and individuals in the area its alternative dispute resolution services to help resolve legal matters in both commercial and civil litigation. Get help with New York divorce mediation and more today.