The Pricing of Mediation & Arbitration (ADR)

For Patents, Trademarks, Royalty & Licensing Disputes.


Full-Weekend Reserved, Saturday & Sunday

Varies.  Limited Availability.  Call to Reserve Time with our Attorneys.


Two-Weekends Reserved (in cases with 3 or more signatories)

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FAQs about Mediation and Arbitration

Who are your attorneys?

These are trained experts, former judges, attorneys, and esquires who know how to help you reach an agreement and resolve your dispute.  Our expert mediators and arbitrators have written books on the topics, been chosen to teach courses in ADR, and are proven leaders in the industry.  We represent any party (Defendants and Plaintiffs) who are involved in a dispute who wish to settle or resolve the issues - settlement agreements.  

How does your dispute resolution process work?

We have a 7-step process that works to resolves disputes. The Settle the Dispute Group is dedicated to consistency and obtaining results.  Our entire 7-step ADR process takes place during the weekend or during the week day, depending on availability.  

Why do you require a minimum of 48 hours to settle any disputes?

Historically, we've found that arbitrations and mediations that continue to drag on and clog the courts are detrimental to our economic system.  The Settle the Dispute Law Group believes in resolving conflicts with creative haste and innovative solutions for resolution.   A minimum of 48 hours also allows all parties to rest, relax, and consider the deal terms the next day.  The first day is dedicated to determining the facts, discussing the quarrels, and then the second day is for resolving the deep disputes and conflicts. 

Why do you only mediate and arbitrate on the weekend?

Three reasons: (1) Our legal experts have found that plaintiffs and defendants are 3x more likely to reach an agreement when there is 48-hours of time pressure to resolve disputes. (2) Our most talented expert mediators and arbitrators have more time available on the weekend, and (3) the weekend is more relaxing and stress-free, creating a better environment to settle disputes.   We also have some appointments during the weekday, strictly based on availability. 

What if I can't get the other side to agree to mediation?

You don't need to ask permission from the other side before submitting your case for review.  In fact, we encourage you to arrange mediation and arbitration, schedule your conflict resolution, and have everything scheduled before speaking with the other side. 

What if we don't settle our agreement before the weekend is over?

All arbitration cases are settled within 30 days.  We have a strict policy in that both sides will present his or her cases on Saturday, and we'll use the following day to ask questions, and then render a binding verdict.  

The majority of mediation cases are even settled within 48 hours.  However, in rare cases where the mediators and the parties cannot reach an agreement, we'll execute a letter of recommendation for all parties to continue their negotiations for dispute resolution.  Both sides can also agree to additional time for mediation or arbitration resolutions.  

Do you have a guarantee?

We cannot guarantee that parties will agree to the terms.  But our reputation is on the line and we have built our company based on referrals from attorneys, judges and high-end clients around the world.  Therefore, we will do our best to resolve all disputes in 48 hours or less.

Our alternative dispute resolution involves complex litigation, divorce settlement, trust disputes, and negotiations for commercial entities. The Settle the Dispute Group requires a minimum retainer based on the legal issue at hand.

*Includes Neutral Judge, Location and Signed ADR Documents from Your Attorneys.

*All fees paid in advance via check or wire.

The mediation and arbitration process.

The mediation and arbitration process.

Online Mediation and Arbitration

In limited cases, when parties are located remotely, we accept appointments for online mediation and arbitration.  

These rates are fixed at $590 per hour (12 hours minimum), paid in advance via check or wire to Settle the Dispute Group.