San Francisco’s Best Attorneys and Lawyers for Mediation and Arbitration (ADR):


San francisco attorneys and lawyers for mediation:

Settle the Dispute Group's ADR experts based in San Francisco will help you resolve your litigation using certified arbitrators and mediators.  Whether you're looking for binding arbitration or non-binding mediation, our San Francisco (SF) ADR team has established a strong rapport with SF attorneys who help clients reach settlement agreements.  

IP and Technology-focused mediators and arbitrators in San Francisco

We are proud to have more than 30+ attorneys in the San Francisco area who have experience in technology and startups, but also have experience mediating and arbitrating disputes in civil lawsuits and disputes. Our intellectual property focused attorneys and lawyers can help your company get to a meaningful resolution of important trademark, patent, and technology disputes.


mediation agreements in San Francisco

Need to reach a mediation agreement?  Want to work with some of the leading experts in ADR and mediation?  Our San Francisco team is packed with mediators who understand both sides of the conflict; Settle the Dispute's proven case results are 3x more likely to be resolved in our ADR process than any other law firm focused on mediation and arbitration.  


Mediation firm in San Francisco

Our mediation firm in San Francisco includes former judges, counsel, and big firm attorneys who want nothing more than to help you settle your cases so you can go on living your life in p  

San Francisco, California - Best Attorneys for Mediation and Arbitration (ADR):

San Francisco, California - Best Attorneys for Mediation and Arbitration (ADR):


Family Court Cases in San Francisco

We're proud to claim a 94% settlement rate in cases involving family law - divorces, trusts, wills and estates - as well as custodial and child custody disputes.   There is no other law firm that compares to our success rate for mediation agreements.  

Settle the Dispute group also works with some of the biggest tech executives from Palo Alto/Silicon Valley startups - billionaires and multi-millionaires - on complex litigation matters ranging from family, divorces to trusts, wills and estate disputes.  


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ADR Resolution for Legal Disputes in City by the Bay - San Francisco

Looking for a quick resolution for legal disputes or lawsuits in San Francisco? Want to skip the headaches and hassles of the San Francisco Superior Court and Northern District Court of California? Turn to the legal experts and Settle the Dispute Group for mediation San Francisco made easy.

The legal team at Settle the Dispute Group is made up of the crème de la crème of experienced judges, mediators, arbitrators, attorneys, law enforcement and former FBI negotiators. Clients are only provided with a talented pool of professionals. It’s a team of legal professionals who implement their experience along with the art and science of negotiations. Settle the Dispute Group is the ADR San Francisco legal team that gets down to business in just 48 hours. It’s an innovative approach for civil, commercial and divorce mediation San Francisco.

How does it work? Clients are connected with opposing counsel to set up a weekend of negotiations. With everyone at the table, Settle the Dispute Group’s arbitrators in San Francisco help parties settle disputes in just 48 hours. ADR San Francisco has never been faster. With a 48 hour deadline to reach an agreement, all parties are motivated for a fast resolution. It’s organized, and it’s game on! The first day of the mediation San Francisco is focused on outlining the facts of the case and the disputed issues. On the second day, the team from Settle the Dispute Group zeroes in on actual conflict resolution. No time is wasted, yet time is provided to relax and refuel.  The Settle the Dispute Group is a mediation firm San Francisco fueled with the philosophy of making the legal system more efficient. Live life free of those nagging and dragged out court procedures. Plus, it’s less costly that dragging a case out in muddy local courts in San Francisco.

Settle the Dispute Group has a history of success. They have successfully arbitrated advanced litigation disputes for both medium and large companies, resolved complex family law matters, intervened with mediation for class-action lawsuits and negotiated settlements for Fortune 500 companies in labor disputes. Other areas of successful arbitration include securities law, estate disputes and contract law. It’s one of the San Francisco top law firms. Judge Hightower of the Settle the Dispute Group reports, “100 percent of arbitrations are settled in 48 hours, and 94 percent of mediations are settled within 48 hours.” And for those in remote locations, arbitration can take place online. Settle the Dispute Group’s legal resolution methods are nothing less than unique and revolutionary.

About Settle the Dispute Group - Settle the Dispute Group is San Francisco's top, leading ADR - mediation and arbitration firm.

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