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Seattle Mediation

Settle the Dispute Group's Seattle mediation and ADR group includes some of the leading experts on alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  There are few firms in the Seattle, Washington region who understand the complexities of civil, commercial and family law matters such as divorce, trusts, wills and high-end wealthy estates disputes.  If you're searching for Seattle Mediation services, Settle the Dispute group will help you resolve your conflicts and live without disputes.

Seattle's Best Mediation and Arbitration Law Firm for ADR:

Seattle's Best Mediation and Arbitration Law Firm for ADR:

Mediation Agreement

What is a "mediation" agreement?  In Seattle, courts often remand lawsuits to mediation.   The purpose of remanding a case to mediation is to get the conflicting parties (litigants) to agree to a mediation agreement.  A trained mediator can help provide you with a foundation for a mediation - including the ADR documents required, and a third-party neutral evaluator who will bring parties close to settlement. - Seattle Washington's leading mediation and arbitration law firm and ADR (alternative dispute resolution) for Seattle - Settle the Dispute group's top ranked mediators and arbitrators help resolve commercial matters, family disputes (divorces, trusts and estates) and civil lawsuits. #SeattleWA #Mediation #Arbitration

Conflict Resolution Management

Settle the Dispute Group also provides conflict resolution management services for companies in the Seattle Washington region.  If your company has disputes such as employment, financial, or commercial contract matters.  

Seattle Divorce Mediation

Our Seattle divorce mediation service is a critical element to our practice.  If you need a divorce mediator and you live in the Seattle area, get in touch using the contact form below.  

Divorce Lawyer in Seattle Washington

The Settle the Dispute Group also has some of the top-ranked "Best of Seattle" Divorce Lawyers.  If you are seeking a divorce, need to file, or begin the process of separation, our divorce lawyers will help you.   Our Seattle Divorce Lawyers can also help with child custody matters, financial issues like alimony, and real estate disputes within a divorce.  


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