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Our expert mediators and arbitrators are based in Washington DC.  Settle the Dispute Group's attorneys and counsel are trained and certified in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).  Individuals and companies who need help resolving a complex litigation matter, civil lawsuit, divorce matter, or commercial dispute within the District of Columbia, often turn to the Court system first.  Doing so can be a big mistake - one that could cost you a phenomenal amount in attorney's fees and time.  The goal of our ADR process is to guide you through the mediation process and help provide conflict resolution for long-term results.  Even though our mediators and arbitrators want you to settle your dispute, we don't want you to compromise your values.  

Best Mediation and Arbitration Attorneys in Washington DC (ADR Firm): SettletheDispute.com

Best Mediation and Arbitration Attorneys in Washington DC (ADR Firm): SettletheDispute.com

Conflict Resolution in Washington DC

When you hear the phrase "conflict resolution" - your immediate though shouldn't be a fight.  The phrase reflects a dispute in which parties are disputing terms in order to reach a mediation or arbitration agreement.  The term conflict resolution is defined as the act of resolving conflict through alternative dispute resolution.  Typically, when two sides disagree the inclination is to hire attorneys, file a lawsuit and get in front of a jury.  But the reality is that almost zero percent of cases go to trial, and it's highly unlikely that your case is special enough to not be sent to mediation or arbitration.  In fact, most disputes end up being sent to a mediator or arbitrator who will decide the fate of your "conflict" and end up resolving this conflict in due time.  

Mediation for Divorce: Washington DC Firm

Washington DC has one of the highest rates of divorce.  In fact, according to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, the divorce rate in Washington DC was nearly 35 for every 1000 married women (per year).  With all of the working attorneys, busy staff on Capitol Hill, and the on-going stress of the city, it's no wonder that the District of Columbia ranks so highly for divorce.  Knowing there is such a high rate of divorce, there are people here for you in case you ever contemplate getting a divorce in Washington DC.  In fact, Settle the Dispute Group's divorce mediation specialists and experts can help you for everything from filing for divorce, to negotiating custody disputes, alimony, financial matters, to real estate disputes within the divorce.  

Conflict Resolution Skills

Settle the Dispute Group also trains others to become experts in ADR within the Washington DC area.  In fact, once every month, we hold a conflict resolution skills course at our DC Headquarters.  If you'd like to learn how to mediate, arbitrate or resolve your disputes and conflicts, the Settle the Dispute Group can help you with that and other litigation matters. 

How to Hire a Mediator or Arbitrator in Washington DC

In order to hire a mediator or arbitrator in the Washington DC area, here are the steps:

http://settlethedispute.com/ - Washington DC's top ranked, best Mediation and Arbitration firm specializing in settling complex litigation, lawsuits, business disputes and family matters such as divorces, wills, trusts and estates (http://settlethedispute.com/mediation-vs-arbitration/). Washington DC's leading firm for settling and resolving disputes - and finding you an attorney who can help settle complex issues from family law to commercial matters.

#1 Determine if your dispute is covered by the AAA (American Arbitration Association) dispute clauses or by contract under a mediation agreement.  If your dispute is not a commercial matter, but relates to family or civil lawsuits, then you can request a mediator help resolve your conflict, regardless of whether there's a formal clause for arbitration or mediation.

#2 Get organized.  Put all of your documentation together for the mediators and arbitrators. 

#3 Write a checklist.  Write a list of everything you want to accomplish from your mediation or arbitration.  Of course, your first inclination will be to say you just want to "win" - but you need to have a best case and worst case scenario written before proceeding with mediation or arbitration.

#4  Get in touch.  Our Washington DC arbitration and mediation firm can help you resolve any dispute - from complex commercial lawsuits, to civil lawsuits, to divorce and family matters such as trusts, wills and estates.  



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Settle the Dispute Group Brings Alternative Dispute Resolution and Other Legal Services to Our Nation's Capital


Settle the Dispute Group is the Leading Law Firm Specializing in Mediation in the Washington, DC Area


2015 & 2016 Top DC Firm - Settle the Dispute Group, the leading mediation and arbitration firm that specializes in Alternative Dispute Resolution, is pleased to bring its unparalleled level of service to those living in and around the Washington, DC. area. Settle the Dispute Group's team of judges, attorneys and counsel are experts in engaging in conflict and dispute resolution matters both with the intention of getting clients the results that they're after and preventing further lawsuits that only aim to muddy and delay the legal process.


Under normal circumstances, most disputes would end up in the court system and invariably are presented in front of a judge. While this is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, a number of variables can prevent clients from getting the results that they're after. Settle the Dispute Group specializes in alternative dispute resolution which, as its name suggests, attempts to help all involved parties resolve a dispute without needing to go to trial altogether. In addition to mediation and arbitration, the typical processes that are used during alternative dispute resolution include collaborative law and more.


"A trial can be a wonderful thing - if everything goes the way its supposed to" says Judge Hightower, head of the mediation and arbitration group. "Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. Alternative dispute resolution is the best way to cut to the chase and get clients the resolution that they need without spending the huge amount of time and money to go through more traditional channels."


"One of the major factors that we believe separates Settle the Dispute Group from the competition is our perseverance" said Judge Hightower. "We're experts in Washington DC arbitration, which means that we can resolve all disputes within just 30 days from the time we come on. Most of our disputes are resolved within 48 hours or less!"


Settle the Dispute Group also offers a number of other unique services that other Washington DC mediation groups do not. The group is comprised of many experts including both former FBI negotiators and law enforcement professionals who have built careers on negotiating and mediating major disputes. Settle the Dispute Group is also willing to fly anywhere in the world for a client should the need arise - the Group's international arbitration and mediation team is ranked number one.


Settle the Dispute Group is well-versed in all of the major courts in and around the Washington, DC area, including but not limited to the Washington DC Superior Court, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, the US Federal Court in Washington, DC and more.


The passionate team at Settle the Dispute Group is experienced in a wide range of different situations including family disputes (which can include things like estate management, divorce settlements and more), civil litigation, commercial disputes and more. Settle the Dispute Group was originally founded all the way back in 1982 and was originally based just out of Washington DC and the surrounding areas including Maryland and Virginia. Presently, Settle the Dispute Group has clients all over the world.


Those looking for more information about Washington DC mediation, alternative dispute resolution and more can contact Settle the Dispute Group directly at (833) 738-8538. Those seeking more information about the stable of high quality legal services that the firm has become known for can also find everything they need by visiting the Group's official website at http://settlethedispute.com/.




Settle the Dispute Group, the leading law firm specializing in mediation in the Washington DC area, is proud to offer both companies and individuals more power in terms of negotiation and the resolution of both commercial and civil litigation. Locate a Washington DC mediation professional today. http://settlethedispute.com